Coming together on science, technology and the Christian faith

About Us

About Us

We are clergy and lay, scientists, technicians and those who come to science and technology from a theological lens.

The purpose of the Roundtable is to share experiences, information and, where possible, material resources related to these initiatives; to provide mutual encouragement in the effort to elevate scientific and technological issues in the lives of the churches; and to engage in projects of mutual interest.

Our working charter, in the process of being revised, expresses our aim to foster wonder and serve the church in the area of science and technology by:

• Engaging, connecting, and communicating good science in our ecumenical church communities
• Addressing complex issues that might be created by or solved by newly-gained understandings and emerging research
• Exhibiting awe toward the richly unfolding universe; and gratitude for the tools of science and technology
• Reflecting on justice concerns and policy
• Supporting faithful stewardship of science and technology in service of our neighbors and Creation, with attention to sustainability and quality of life around the globe

Current Member Working Groups

Other member denominations in the past have included the United Methodist Church (who still send observers to meetings) and the Reformed Church in America. We have also had observers from the Roman Catholic Church.

While individuals can not be part of the Roundtable at this time, we do encourage other denominations who have similar outlooks on science and religion to join the Roundtable. More information can be obtained from any of the current member denominational working groups listed above.

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